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Bats in the Library!!

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Summer Reading has begun!  The bats (the animal kind! ) are flying on the bulletin boards, the books are checking out,  and the excitement is building.  Whether you are reading on your own or being read to, summer is a great time to enjoy books of all kinds. Can you believe you can also win prizes too? Come into your local library and sign up if you haven’t already. How do you become a famous illustrator of children's books?  This is how Brian Lies (the illustrator for this summer's reading program) began: " I spent a lot of time building dams and forts in the woods across the street with my best friend, inventing things, and writing and drawing with my older sister. At various times during my childhood, we had newts, gerbils and rabbits as pets. When I was in fifth grade, an author and illustrator visited my school, and I was amazed that one could have a job writing and drawing. I wished it could be my job!"  Check out some of Brian's books at your local library:


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