Celebrate Jane Yolen's Birthday! February 11

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I don’t know if I can think of another author who has broken into every age category of books so amazingly!  Wow---Jane Yolen has done extraordinary books for toddlers, children, teens  and adults----how on earth does she do it!  Let’s celebrate her birthday this February! Learn more about Jane at her fascinating website:

http://janeyolen.com/         Look for her books at your local library----here are a few of my favorites:


When did you start writing?
I love writing and have always been good at it. I started as a poet and a writer of songs. I still do both. My first big success as a writer was in first grade where I wrote the class musical. It was all about vegetables and I played the chief carrot. We all ended up in a salad together! In junior high I wrote my big class essay about New York State manufacturing in verse, with a rhyme for Otis Elevators I have–thankfully–forgotten. In college I wrote my final exam in American Intellectual History in rhyme and got an A+ from a very surprised teacher.    (by Jane Yolen, from the  “Kids section” on her website)

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