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Fifty Shades of.....sunscreen?

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While on a beach vacation recently I decided to tally how and what beachgoers where reading. I expected to see more e-readers and although two of the three college girls I was with were reading on their Kindles the third had a good old fashioned paper book (as did I).


I spotted ladies reading Fifty Shades of Grey, right out there in public. My reading was much tamer, Maine, a pure summer beach read about three generations of women meeting in July at the old family beach compound in Maine. 


My other observation on this vacation was that the younger generation no longer sends memories of their trip to friends at home via lovely printed postcards that we used to rush to buy upon arrival at our vacation destination. Instead, the smart phone has added a quicker, personalized, visualizing stunning,and instant interaction with those at home. By using Instagram, the girls sent pictures of what we ate, our mini golf tournament, lovely landscapes, and more to friends around the world. And, those friends immediately responded with contempoary versions of “wish I was there”. I know many balk at this type of “friending” but I find it quite charming and saves on all those postcards and stamps.

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With our "social networking" culture now, no one ever loses touch with their schoolmates.  Kids nowadays know exactly what their friends from high school are doing.  I had to wait 10 years to see some of my friends from school to "catch up" with them.  Now I see updates from them everyday.

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