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Marin Teen Girl Conference

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Inquire. Imagine. Inspire. These words were the inspiration for the Marin Teen Girl Conference, presented by the Marin Women’s Commission on March 3 at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael. I was invited to sit on the steering committee for this event. My role was helping the facilitators’ meet with the 34 teen girl ambassadors, age 13-17, from most of the Marin County schools. We met twice a month.

The girls learned new skills in leadership, team building, marketing, public speaking as well as to help chose the topics for the all day conference. The mission of this event was to create a safe forum for Marin teen girls to explore their place in the world, gain skills to create positive relationships, learn confidence to make good choices, and to experience local community support that makes their dreams a reality. To find out more visit

The library was a community partner and exhibitor on the day of the conference. My booth was always busy and I spoke to many girls. Over 250 teen girls spent the day at this event. I had the girls fill out a short survey with questions about their library practices. It was great to hear that 94% use their local library and 90% read for fun. Yes, they Facebook, a strong 74% and 33% download e-books. Still they love the touch of books and the magic it brings to their lives. Some things do not change. They also shared great comments, such as “the library is a comfy place to read”, “would love no overdue fines”, “would like study groups for girls”, “more bookclubs”, and “added teen activities”. They want us to stay and not go anywhere.

Our challenge is to continue to engage teens at our local library understanding it is not our parents’ library anymore



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