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April 15th is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic

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The RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912 after colliding with an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City.  She was the largest, most luxurious, and supposedly safest ship at the time and carried 2,224 people.  Her sinking caused the deaths of 1,514 people, including the very wealthy as well as emigrants seeking a new life in America.  Some passengers and crew were evacuated in lifeboats, but, due to outdated safety regulations, she only carried enough lifeboats for a third of her total passenger and crew capacity.  Women and children were allowed to leave the ship first, so many more men than women died.  Three hours after hitting the iceberg the Titanic broke apart and sank with over 1000 people still on board.  The 710 survivors were rescued by the RMS Carpathia a few hours later.

To find books in the library on the Titanic look under the subject heading Titanic Steamship.

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