March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day

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Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.  He was born in 4th century Roman Britain, but was kidnapped by Irish Raiders when he was 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave.  He escaped, but later, after becoming a priest, he returned to Ireland to Christianize its inhabitants.  He is rumored to have used the three-leaved shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, hence the association of the color green with the holiday in his honor.  Saint Patrick is also remembered for driving the snakes from Ireland. 

Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, is a religious and cultural holiday celebrated in Ireland and in many other countries where people from Ireland have emigrated.  On this day people attend church, wear green, and enjoy the lifting of Lenten restriction on eating and drinking.  In the U.S. Saint Patrick’s Day is not a legal holiday, but rather a popular celebration of Irish and Irish American culture.  Festivities include parades and displays of the color green.   To find books on Saint Patrick’s Day in the Marin County libraries, look under the subject heading Saint Patrick’s Day.  To find books on the saint use the subject heading Patrick Saint 373 463.

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