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It's Time to do Some Pruning in Your Garden

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According to the Marin Master Gardeners, February is a good time to start your pruning.  Deciduous trees, vines and shrubs all respond well to a little trimming and thinning this time of the year, and roses need to be cut back severely.  Don’t prune spring-flowering plants until after they’ve bloomed.  Enjoy their show, and then trim them into shape.  Don’t prune frost-damaged plants yet, either.  Wait until the weather warms and you can tell whether or not they’re still alive.

To find books in the library that give optimum pruning times and methods for individual plants, type in the subject heading Pruning.  If you want to find the newest books on the list, sort the list by date in the box at the top of the page.  You can also find pruning information for specific plants under the names of the plants or plant groups:  Roses, Ornamental Trees, and Ornamental Shrubs.  Sharpen those shears and get started!

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