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Student Research

Academic Search Complete

Find articles in many areas of academic study including the sciences, engineering, math, social sciences and humanities.


Elementary School Explora

Look up articles and facts for elementary school projects and homework.


High School Explora

Look up articles and facts for high school projects, homework and research.


MAS Ultra: School Edition

Research tool designed for high school students, containing articles from many popular magazines.


Middle School Explora

Look up articles and facts for middle school projects and homework.


Points of View Reference Center

Learn about topics from opposing viewpoints, with an overview, point, counterpoint and Critical Thinking Guide. Articles include citations. Topics include affirmative action, cloning, Israel & the Palestinians, separation of church and state, and many more.


Topic Search

Explore articles on social, political & economic issues, scientific discoveries and other popular topics. Sources include international & regional newspapers, magazines, polls, pamphlets and government information.