Poets of Marin


Under leadership of Marin County Free Library and Marin County Board of Supervisors
With support from Marin Cultural Services Commission and Marin Poetry Center

The Marin Poet Laureate Program is dedicated to building community through poetry by appointing and supporting a Poet Laureate for the county.  As an ambassador for poetry, the Laureate promotes citizens’ awareness of poetry as well as heightens their appreciation of the art form.  The Laureate strives to forge a meaningful connection between poetry and the populace, undertakes projects that will make poetry more available and more accessible to people in their everyday lives, and demonstrates a dedication to the art of writing poetry.


Prartho Sereno, 2015-2017

Joe Zaccardi, 2013-2015

Lyn Follett, 2010-2013

Albert Flynn DeSilver, 2008-2010

Sara Jones (Director, Marin County Free Library), Gabriella Calicchio (Director, Cultural and Visitors’ Services), Richard Brown (Chair), Suzie Pollak, Calvin Ahlgren, Joe Zaccardi, Suella Kennedy

Marin Poets Live! is a public access television show presented by Marin County Free Library and features host Neshama Franklin, who works at the Fairfax Library. The show introduces local Marin poets and delves into their reasons for writing and the influence that living in Marin County has had on their poetry.

The monthly show appears the second Thursday of each month at 7:30pm PST. Check the Community Media Center of Marin for schedules. Archives of the show are hosted on YouTube: Marin Poets Live! playlist.


Marin Poets Live!

The Marin Poets Live! archive is a collaborative digital effort between the Marin Poetry Center and the Marin County Free Library.

Initial funding for this project was generated by a benefit poetry reading that Kay Ryan, twice Poet Laureate, generously did for Marin County Free Library. Marin Poets Live! advances Marin County Free Library’s goal of promoting local poetry and expanding the visibility of local poets. Current funding of the project is accomplished in partnership with Marin County Library Foundation.

In-kind support is provided by Community Media Center of Marin (CMCM). The Marin County Free Library is deeply grateful for the use of CMCM’s state-of-the-art facilities and their professional all-volunteer crew. With their support and expertise, we are creating an archive of local poets that will be a resource for years to come.  

Prartho Serano

“These are the books I needed to read…so I wrote them.”

Prartho Sereno

Marin County
Poet Laureate 2015-2017

Prartho Sereno

Prartho Sereno is an award-winning poet and watercolorist, author/illustrator of Causing a Stir: the Secret Lives & Loves of Kitchen Utensils and author of Call from Paris (winner of the Washington Prize, Word Works, Jan 08), a chapbook of poems, Garden Sutra (Finishing Line Press, 05), and a collection of inspirational essays, Everyday Miracles: An A to Z Guide to the Simple Wonders of Life (Kensington, 98). Along with painting and poetry, she has dabbled in such art forms as head cook at an international vegetarian restaurant, meditation instructor at Cornell University, and family therapist. Prartho teaches as a Poet in the Schools and lives a little north of the Golden Gate Bridge with a sweet man and his cat.