It’s Time To Prune Your Roses

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According to the Marin Master Gardeners now through mid-February is the ideal time to prune your roses.  Identify which types of roses you have, and decide how you want them to look.  Arm yourself with sturdy gloves and clothes, and make sure your pruning tools are sharp.  Then wait for a mild, dry day to get started. 

To find information in the Marinet libraries on pruning roses try typing the following terms into the search box of the Encore Catalog: Roses, and Pruning.  Watch out for thorns!


Roses     The American Rose Society encyclopedia of roses     Landscape with roses


 an illustrated guide to easy pruning for every plant and every season      inventive ideas for training and shaping trees and shrubs     Climbing roses of the world



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Posted by: Tami

Tami is a librarian at the Corte Madera Library.

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