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Think Like a Man Movie PosterThink Like a Man took over the #1 box office spot this weekend, stopping the Hunger Games four-week streak.  I saw it this weekend and was very impressed.  If you like romantic comedies you will like Think Like a Man.  If you are a Kevin Hart fan you will like Think Like a Man.

If you are familiar with Rotten Tomatoes and their review system, then you know that they are very critical on movies.  If a movie gets a 50% or above on the Tomatometer then you're usually in for a decent movie.  If a movie gets above 70%, then you're talking classic.  If a movie reaches 90% and above, stop reading reviews and go see the best movie ever made.  I kid of course.  I usually evaluate a movie on both the critics Tomatometer and the audience percentage.  Think Like a Man got 50% from critics and 86% from the audience.

Like the Hunger Games, Think Like a Man was a bestselling book before a movie was even thought of.  Just like the Hunger Games we have copies ready and willing to be checked out and read to your heart's content.  Althought the book's name is Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.  I guess the Act Like a Lady part didn't test well with audiences.

The book is a self-help relationship book designed for women to dodge the pitfalls of dealing with certain "types" of men.  It doesn't sound like a permise that easily translates into a cinematic format, but they pull it off.  The book is the center piece of the film, with a group of ladies using the book's advice on potential suitors that fit the "types" of men described in the book.  The execution is very well done.  The movie comic relief is great with Kevin Hart single-handedly providing 95% of the humor in the moive.

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