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Marin County Free Library's Inverness Library photosetMarin County Free Library's Inverness Library photoset

California Room

California Room logo

Learn more about
our local history in the

Anne T. Kent
California Room

at the Civic Center Library

  • WIFI
Location Address:

15 Park Ave
Inverness CA 94937

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 160
Inverness, CA 94937

Phone: 415-669-1288
Branch Manager: Bonny White
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7 - 9
10 - 1
2 - 6
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Closed3 - 610 - 1Closed

About Inverness Library

> View Inverness Library remodel plans

  • Welcome to the Inverness Library – one of the most charming libraries in Marin County.
  • Features a welcoming garden with wi-fi access, perfect for reading, study or gathering.
  • Regular storytimes, weekly coffee and tea klatch, quilting group, and monthly computer group.
  • Good-sized, up-to-date collection of books, books on CD, large-type books, DVDs, magazines and newspapers. Smaller collection of music CDs.
  • Spanish language materials for children, teens and adults.
  • Complete collection of Jack Mason’s books on West Marin as well as other local historians’ works and guide books to local flowers, birds and other animals.
  • Each summer we have special summer reading programs  for children, teens and adults along with three events  which are sponsored by the Friends of the Library.
  • The Reading Room is also the exhibit space for the Jack Mason Museum of West Marin History. (To find out about their current exhibit go to

Computers & Wi-Fi

  • 3 public computers for adults & teens & children
  • Computer reservations are recommended. Reservations can be made by phone or at the branch.
  • Wi-fi access is available throughout the branch and on the porch and in the garden. It is an open system and no password is needed.

Printers & Copiers

  • B&W & color printer
  • 1 copy machine


  • Handicapped parking space in the back of the building where there is a ramp for entering.
  • Accessible restroom.

Meeting Room/ Study Space

  • We try to keep our community room open to the public as much as possible, and reserve this room only for library events or community meetings sponsored by the Inverness Association.
  • We do have a large public study table that can be used by tutors & students as well as other library users. Tutor policy.

Donating Books & Materials

  • We accept small quantities of donations at the branch (due to limited storage space).
  • Larger donations can be taken to the bookstore run by the Friends – Book Place.
  • Books should be in good condition. We also accept DVDs, videos, and CDs.
  • We do not accept textbooks, cassettes, magazines or videos. (The Friends do not accept textbooks or magazines).
  • Donated items are usually sold at the branch or at the Friends bookstore, or the annual August booksale during the Inverness Fair.

Friends Groups

From the Branch Manager: Community Library Specialist Ann Bertucci and I welcome you to the Inverness Library, located in the picturesque Gables building, once owned by West Marin historian, Jack Mason. Inverness Library offers you an old-fashioned welcome combined with state of the art technology. Visit us on Wednesday mornings, and we’ll offer you a cup of coffee or tea! Our gardens, maintained by the Inverness Garden Club, offer an ever-changing and colorful backdrop. Please stop in and say hello!

Branch News

Lilium columbianum, illustrated by Linda Ann Vorobik
The Jack Mason Museum is now featuring works by well-known botanist and botanical artist Linda Ann Vorobik, including pen and ink drawings, watercolors and hand-painted silks of birds and flowers. An Open House will take place on the last day of...
Apple Users Group learning about streaming media
Dan Carr is leading a discussion about the library's streaming media at the Inverness Library's monthly Apple Users Group meeting. Everybody likes Hoopla and IndieFlix.

Upcoming Events


  • Storytimes are held during the school year.

Please check our calendar to see upcoming storytimes at Inverness Library.