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Picture of a collage with half a face in space with swirls around it.

Through March, 2012 at the Fairfax Library Meeting Room Gallery—Come experience the captivating and wondrous collages in Narrative Speculation, a new show by Beverlee Burke. Beverlee’s collages are made up of a few elements thoughtfully placed, with an eye for composition. The images often play with the viewer, inviting them into their dream world. Thought-provoking, painterly, and playful, this show is sure to inspire.

From Beverlee’s artist’s statement:

These collages are a selection from my work of the past couple years. In selecting pieces for this show, I looked for themes in style and image. The overall impression I got from these collages is a sense that we’re looking at a single frame in a dream movie. What happened before? What happens next? We can only speculate.

These collages are composed of pure found images. The bits and pieces are all originals. I don’t use photocopies, manipulate size or change colors when I create collages. My only tools are scissors (I have a wide array) and xacto knives; my only materials are magazines and double-stick tape.

Please come have a look—we’d love to see you! Get some art into your life!

Note: The Fairfax meeting room is open to the public during regular library hours. Please check out the Fairfax branch page/Calendar of events for times when the room may be in use.

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