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The view from our back yard.

             It being such a gorgeous day outside today, I decided to head into the sunshine to take a look at our library from a different point of view: our patron's. After working at the Fairfax Library for over five years now, walking up to the building at 9 a.m. each morning has become an unconscious act of routine. When the seasons change, and the narcissus out front make my nose come alive, I find that I think about my environment a little differently, if only for a moment. So today I decided to take our camera outside to document some of what makes our library such a charming place to visit. What's inside the building speaks for itself: Free DVDs! Lucky Day books! Resume builders! Books on CD! What's outside often gets overlooked or forgotten by those of us hard at work inside. Here's a little tribute to the beauty that is Fairfax. Come grab a tasty book and grab a spot under one of our welcoming trees out front. Both the staff and the trees would love to help you.
                       We provide "Members Only" parking at the Fairfax Library.  

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