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Whether rich, poor, or somewhere in between, most people are unaware that their relationship with money is fraught with an emotional charge that colors their financial dealings.  By exploring our emotional relationship with money, claims veteran psychotherapist Dr. Kate Levinson, we can put our feelings about money to work in a positive way to create a healthier relationship with it.

Dr. Levinson’s book, Emotional Currency: a Woman’s Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money, is an insightful and empowering guide that offers readers –men and women alike—a profound new approach to dealing with money.  Levinson proposes that we can do better at navigating money’s challenges – and shows us how.

Come to the Corte Madera Library on Tuesday, May 8, 7-8 P.M. to hear Dr. Levinson speak and to learn your unique, emotional relationship with money.


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