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Book Saves Lives of Three Boys

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How to Be a World Explorer was directly responsible for saving the lives of three Austrialian boys stuck in the Queensland mud flats during a family camping trip. Written by Joel Levy, Not-for-Parents: How to Be a World Explorer: Your All-Terrain Manual provies tips on such topics as how to start a fire, fight a bear, tame a camel, and escape from quicksand. Fortuitously, that last bit of info was fresh in the memory of one of the youngsters, nine-year-old Vasco Gonsalves.

"I got out because of the book," Gonsalves told his local paper, recalling what happened after he found himself waist-deep in mud, while his two companions, ages six and 11, were buried up to their chins in the mud. "The book said to lean back and lift my legs and bring them up, roll over and swim back." Gonsalves credits the book with saving all three lives.

Check out How to Be a World Explorer by Joel Levy

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Posted by: Marilyn W.

Marilyn W. works as a Children's Librarian at the Corte Madera Library.

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