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Meet the Parrots

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Max the parrot

This is Max, a Red Lored Amazon Parrot. He is about 20 years old - pretty young for a parrot since they can live to be more than 60.  His favorite foods include nuts, seeds, fruits, and berries. Amazon Red Lored parrots originally came from Central America. They are known for their sweet personalities and high intelligence. Max can say "hello," and "bye now." He likes to have a lot of attention and can be very noisy when he wants to play.




african grey parrot

This is Zoe. She and Max are very good friends and have lived together for 10 years. Zoe is an African Grey parrot who is also about 20 years old. African Grey parrots are very intelligent and fun. They are known to be good talkers. Zoe sometimes talks in a very low-pitched voice. She says, "Hey guys,"and "Time for School." She also makes a noise like a telephone ringing. Zoe loves music - particularly Madonna. When she hears a song she likes, she bounces, bobs her head, and makes clicking sounds, in time with the music. In addition to fruits like apples, grapes and pineapple, Zoe loves cheese of all kinds.


Max and Zoe visited school recently. Here's a picure one of the children drew. Can you guess which parrot this is?




The library has many books about owning pet birds, including canaries, chickens, pigeons, and parrots. They tell all about how to feed and care for these interesting creatures. Click on these book covers to learn more.

The little video at the bottom of this page shows Max enjoying his all-time favorite treat, banana chips.

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know these fun and fascinating pets!




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Posted by: Bonny White

Bonny is the branch manager of the  Bolinas, Inverness, Point Reyes and Stinson Beach libraries.

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