Celebrating the bookmobile team and Terry!

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Every day, Community Library Specialist Terry Jones delivers books and so much more to seniors at assisted living facilities, children in small rural schools and remote ranches throughout Marin. Through rain and wind, on narrow winding roads, Terry assures that the bookmobile will be pulling to the curb and opening its doors so that young and old are not separated by too many miles from the treasury of titles available from Marin County Free Library. Thanks to Terry and her bookmobile team, folks in far flung places are able to explore and enjoy the library too! Celebrate what Terry does here and here!

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Posted by: Amanda

Amanda is the Electronic Services Librarian for Marin County Free Library.

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The Bookmobile in the Fifties and Sixties

When my family moved to our new house in Marinwood in 1956, the Bookmobile soon became an important part of our lives. Later when I was ready for my first full time job, I became Bookmobile Library Assistant and relief driver. That job launched me on a lifetime career of working in all kinds of libraries in the U.S. and in Canada. I eventually got a Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies and was a school library media specialist for many years in New Hampshire. I have always been thankful to Virginia Keating (then Director) for hiring me; to Barbara Rauhala (Children's Librarian) for teaching me about children's literature; and to Edna Winfield and Sara Smart (Bookmobile Library Specialists) for teaching me about the world of bookmobiles.

~Clair Harris Zarges

SF Chronicle article on Terry & the Bookmobile

I really enjoyed reading the wonderful article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Edward Guthmann about Terry and the awesome job she is doing with the MCFL Bookmobile. Thank you Terry for bringing so much happiness to your patrons throughout the county! Best wishes and congratulations, Celeste

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