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Marin Poets Live! is a public access television show presented by Marin County Free Library and features host Neshama Franklin, who works at the Fairfax Library. The show introduces local Marin poets and delves into their reasons for writing and the influence that living in Marin County has had on their poetry. The monthly show appears the second Thursday of each month at 7:30pm PST. Check the Community Media Center of Marin for schedules.

The interview with CB Follett aired on Marin Poets Live! on Thursday, December 12 2013 at 7:30pm. (Credits - Director: Nancy Finston, Cameras: Lori Greenleaf, Technical Director: Brad Flaharty, Producers: Neshama Franklin and Brian Jones).

Watch the archived episode and read CB Follett's biography and bibliography below.

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Eller Akers

CB Follett’s poems have appeared in many magazines and anthologies all over the world.

She has received numerous awards and grants – among them, seven poem nominations for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry; seven Pushcart nominations as an individual poet; runner-up for the Robert Winner Prize, the George Bogin Award and finalist for the Alice Fay Di Castagnola Award (all from the Poetry Society of America); received contest honors in the Billee Murray Denny, New Letters Prize, the Ann Stanford Prize, the Glimmer Train Poetry Contest and others, a grant for poetry from the Marin Arts Council – and now has collections of poetry, The Latitudes of Their Going (1993), Gathering the Mountains (1995), Visible Bones (1998), At the Turning of the Light (2001) winner of The National Poetry Award, Hold and Release (2007). And Freddie Was My Darling (2009), One Bird Falling (2011).

With Susan Terris, a friend and poetry colleague, Follett was publisher and co-editor of RUNES, A Review of Poetry, a themed annual 2000-2007. Follett is publisher, editor, general dogsbody of Arctos Press which has published over 20 anthologies and poetry collections. She, herself has eight collections of poems and several chapbooks. Her eighth collection, Of Gravity and Tides came out in early 2013.

She served as the second Marin County Poet Laureate from 2010-2013. While Poet Laureate, she started several programs. Among them is ROAR (Reach Out And Read) which takes poetry into senior facilities and also presents ‘neighborhood’ poetry read by poets of that cultural background. Locations have been The Canal area of San Rafael (Central and South American poems), Marin City Library (black poetry), West Marin (Hispanic poetry), and Falkirk, presenting (Native American poets.

Another program is called Poetry Exchange Boxes. Real Estate Flyer type boxes are placed around the county stuffed with poems.  Poems may taken out, put in, passed on to others. The boxes are at art centers, book stores, libraries, school classrooms and many other places.

Follett is also an artist and photographer and has done several of the illustrations and covers for her books, Arctos Press books, as well as poetry book covers for other presses.. A graduate of Smith College, she lives with her husband in Sausalito, California perched between the coastal range and San Francisco Bay.



  • 2010-13 - Marin County Poet Laureate
  • 2001 - National Poetry Book Award (Salmon Press)


2013 - Of Gravity and Tides

2013 - Compass Rose

2012 - One Bird Falling

2011 - Houses

2011 - Compass Points

2009 - Poems to Red Rocks

2008 - And Freddie Was My Darling

2008 - Runaway Girl

2008 - A Cat Who Falls From a Tree Branch Will Always Claim He Meant To

2007 - Hold and Release

2007 - The Loving of Trees 

2003 - Vallon Pont d'Arc

2003 - Hermit Crab

2003 - Arms

2003 - Duxbury Reef 

2003 - Wheels 

2002 - Nightmare Fish

2001 - At the Turning of the Light 

2001 - CB Follett's Greatest Hits 

1998 - Visible Bones

1996 - Bull Kelp

1995 - Gathering the Mountains

1993 - The Latitudes of Their Going