OverDrive Kindle* and 3M Cloud Updates

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OverDrive announced today that they have have temporarily disabled the Kindle book format from your OverDrive-powered website. Users will not be able to borrow, download, or place a hold on Kindle books during this time. However, Kindle books currently checked out will not be affected.*

This is the result of an issue that developed earlier in the morning when some Kindle users were prompted to 'Buy now with 1-Click' when attempting to download a Kindle book from your OverDrive-powered website, rather than being taken to a page to redeem their checked out eBook title.

Further updates are pending.

Additionally, 3M Cloud users are experiencing slower than usual load times since the iOS 7 upgrade. We are expecting an app update to resolve this issue.

*Kindle access has been restored.

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Thank You!

I did not have a problem at this time but am grateful you were able to fix it. 

I'm not sure what I would do for books were it not for Overdrive (I spend a lot of time out of country) and my public library -- but I'm glad I don't have to find out. :)


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