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At Night We Walk In Circles book cover
Marin County Free Library is excited to participate in One Book One Marin 2015, to read and discuss this year’s book selection, At Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcón, a finalist for the 2014 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction....

How do I use Axis 360 eBooks?

Axis 360 offers full color ebooks plus support for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant eBooks with text-to-speech (TTS) for the print-impaired,

Axis360 eBooks are available to all Marin County Residents with a valid library card number and PIN.

Axis360 ebooks require downloading the Blio reading app for ADA compatibility.  An AxisReader is also available that allows checkout, download and reading directly from your mobile device.


Where can I download the Axis 360 eBooks Blio app?

You can download the Axis 360 eBooks Blio reading app for your device from the following locations:

To download an App for…

Go to…

iPhone and iPad

App Store

Android phones and devices

Android Market


Blio Web Site


What e-readers are compatible with Axis 360 eBooks?

Access your eBooks across different devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android phones and devices, Nooks, Kobos and PCs. 


What about Kindles?

You can ‘sideload’ a Kindle reading app to Kindle Fires (Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire). Older, non-tablet based Kindles cannot be used with Axis 360 eBooks; a decision made by Amazon, not by the library or the Axis 360 eBooks vendor. 


How long can I keep an e-book?

eBooks check out for up to 21 days.


How many e-books can I have out at one time?

Eight. Your Axis 360 eBook check-outs do not count against your other eBook checkouts.


Can I return an e-book early?

Yes, ebooks can be returned early through the Blio reading application or the AxisReader reading app, not through the website.  Ebooks downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions may be returned through that application.


How many holds can I have?

Ten. Your Axis 360 eBook holds do not count against your other eBook checkouts.


How do holds work?

  1. Placing a Hold will reserve a copy for you when it next becomes available. If there are users who have placed a hold on an item ahead of you, you will be shown how many users are ahead of you in the holds queue.
  2. When you mouse over a title for which there are no copies currently available, you will be presented with an action button to place a hold. 
    If you elect to place a hold on an item, you will be prompted to verify the email address you provided when you created your user account. This address will be used to send a notification email when a copy becomes available for you. 
  3. After verifying the email address, your hold will be confirmed and you will be informed of the library’s policy regarding the number of days you will have to check out the item once you are notified it has become available for you.
  4. The notification email you receive will inform you that a copy of the book you requested is now available and will be held for you for a time period set by the library. 
  5. If you do not check out the item within the time period, the copy that was being held for you will be released for the next person in the holds queue, and that person will receive a notification email.


How do I cancel a hold?

  1. When you have placed any items on hold, you have the option to remove them from your holds queue at any time. This action can be performed from any page that displays action buttons for the title you wish to remove from your holds queue. From the Holds Queue list view, to remove the hold from a title click on the corresponding button.
  2. From the Holds Queue detail list view, to remove a hold from a title click on the corresponding button.When you are on the Magic Wall and mouse over a title that you have on hold, you can remove the hold by clicking on the corresponding action button.


Is it possible to renew e-books?

No. This is dictated by the publisher, not the library or vendor.

eBooks can be checked out again, if available, or patrons can place another hold.


What fines are associated with Axis 360 eBooks?

None. At the end of the checkout period the book returns automatically and will no longer be on your account.

If you transferred the book to a portable device from your computer, the file on that device will have expired after the "due date" and you will no longer be able to access it.


How does the wish list work?

  1. The Wish List is where you may keep track of titles of interest that you have found while searching or browsing the library’s digital collection, which can be stored as reminders of items you may want to check out at a later date.Wish List contents are tied to your user login and therefore remain saved to that login until removed. If you log out from the website your Wish List will no longer be visible, but the titles within the list itself are maintained. There is no limit on the number of items you can add, or how long a title may remain in your Wish List.
  2. Adding a title to your Wish List is a simple process. You may choose to add a title from any of several places:
    - The Magic Wall - When you mouse over a title on the Magic Wall, a popup appears and within this popup you can click the Add to Wish List button near the lower right corner of the window. For more detail on this see the Title Popup Window section of the Magic Wall help document
    - Extended Detail Page - From the Extended Detail Page, click the Add to Wish List button near the lower right corner of the title window. For more information on the Extended Detail Page, see the Title Details help document.
  3. Title Lists – Wherever the results of a search or browse by subject action are displayed, the highlighted title shown in the right-hand pane contains title action buttons. Click the Add to Wish List button in the lower right area. For more details, see the Search and Find Books help document.
  4. From your Checkout List - When on the my Checkout List page, titles that are not in your Wish List will have the Add to Wish List button option. Click the Add to Wish List button just below the title. For more detail, see the Checkout help document.
  5. Remove from Wish List – Once an item has been added to your Wish List, the action button below the title display changes to a Remove from Wish List button with a minus sign in it. Click this to remove a title from the Wish List. Once you click the button, the action is done and the back button does not restore it to the Wish List.
  6. Add to Checkout List – If you want to add a title that is on your Wish List to your Checkout List, click the Add to Checkout List action button in the title display. Note: Adding a title to your Checkout List does NOT remove it from your Wish List.
  7. Step One for anything involving the Wish List…LOGIN. (For details on Logging In, see the Login help section.)
  8. Click the My Lists link at the top right of any page. On the My Lists page, in the left-hand pane, select Wish List.This brings the Wish List into the main viewing section of the page, along with individual title detail. The upper right corner of the gray section of the screen will also now be displaying the number of titles in your Wish List.


Why do I have to wait for an eBook?

The current model used by publishers dictates that eBooks be treated in the same way we lend physical books; which results in a one-copy/one user model.


Can I request or suggest a title for purchase to be added to the Axis 360 eBook collection?
Yes.  Please use the Suggest a Title for Purchase form.  Your name, card number and PIN are necessary so we can route your request to a library near you! Please be aware that not all publishers supply eBooks to libraries.


How do reviews and star ratings work?

Reader Reviews allow you to post comments about what you have read and to assign star ratings to those titles. Contributed reviews and aggregated star ratings display to other users at the library along with title details.


How do I write a review and assign star ratings?

Clicking the ‘write a review' link opens a popup window. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted for your patron ID and PIN to write a review.

The ‘Reviews’ window displays the brief title detail on the left, along with the list of reviews posted by other patrons. The right side of the window displays the distribution of star ratings assigned to this title by other patrons, and the tool to assign your rating. Assign your star rating by clicking on the row of grey stars above the review box.

You type your review, or copy and paste a review you have written elsewhere, into the blank review box. Reviews are limited to 1000 characters.

To post your review, click the ‘Submit Review’ button at the bottom of the window. After the Library has approved your submission, your star rating and a link to your review will immediately appear in the list under “Reader Reviews’ on the left. Clicking on any item in the ‘Reviews’ will open the full review in the area on the right.

Click the red X (upper rigt) to close the ‘Write a Review’ window. While writing a review, and before you click ‘Submit Review’ you may close the ‘Reviews’ page via the red X and your star rating and review will NOT be saved.


Why can’t I find more bestsellers in the collection?

Many of the so-called ‘Big Six’ publishers do not sell eBooks to libraries and those that do impose strict limitations. Here’s what the market looks like right now:

  • Hachette: Recently increased their eBook pricing on their backlist by 220%. They do not currently sell front list titles to publishers, but are completing trials with the 3M Cloud Library.
  • HarperCollins: Limits eBooks to 26 checkouts. Libraries then have to repurchase content for continued access.
  • Penguin: Currently has an exclusive contract with 3M Cloud Library after ceasing ties with OverDrive, but does not release eBook versions of bestsellers until six months after publication and will require libraries to repurchase content on an annual basis.
  • MacMillan: Has announced an eBook pilot for libraries, but has not yet released the details.
  • Random House: Increased its pricing on most titles by 300%.
  • Simon and Schuster: Refuses to sell eBooks to libraries. In any capacity.


Why aren’t there more eBooks in the collections; especially since eBooks are less expensive than print books?

The price that libraries pay to publishers for eBooks is higher than the price charged to consumers. For example, patrons can purchase bestselling titles, such as Fifty Shades of Grey, for as little as $9.99. A library edition of the same eBook is currently for sale from 3M Cloud Library for $47.85. That kind of price mark-up is standard in the library eBook market at this time.


Need additional help?

Please direct all inquiries to They have customer service representatives available from 9 AM to 6 PM CST Monday-Friday. Your email will be responded to within six hours of receipt (provided it is received during our business hours). To access the Blio Support Portal click here