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Authors of fiction and non-fiction, in print or out of print, are included on this list if they were born or have lived in the county.  Journalists are not included unless they have published a book.  Self-published authors are not included unless there is strong local interest.  Birth and death dates are included if known.  Most recent place of residence is listed first when known.  The Anne T. Kent California Room has an expanded list that includes local poets whose work appears only in journals as well as self-published authors.

Marin Author Name Birth - Death In Marin Genres Website
Hutchinson, Bill 1947 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Hyde, Stuart 1923 - Corte Madera Non-Fiction
Isaacs, Anne Fiction, Non-Fiction
Jacobsen, David C. Mill Valley Non-Fiction
James, Cary 1935 - Mill Valley Fiction, Non-Fiction
Jampolsky, Gerald Gershan 1925 - Belvedere Non-Fiction
Jennings, Jason Non-Fiction
Jobb, Jamie 1945 - San Rafael Non-Fiction
Johns, Leland M. Non-Fiction
Johnson, Ken 1956 - Non-Fiction
Johnson, R. C. (R. Charles) Non-Fiction
Jones, Archie Quincy 1913 - 1979 Non-Fiction
Jones, Louis B. 1953 - Mill Valley Fiction
Jones, Proctor 1917? - 1999 Stinson Beach Fiction, Non-Fiction
Jones, Ruth Murray 1895 - 1980 San Rafael Non-Fiction
Joyce, Kristin Sausalito Non-Fiction
Kacirk, Jeffrey Corte Madera Non-Fiction
Kagin, Donald H. Non-Fiction
Kamani, Ginu 1962 - Corte Madera Fiction
Kathrein, Jonathan Lucas Valley Non-Fiction
Kaufman, Mozart 1917 - San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Keegan, Frank L. 1925 - San Rafael Non-Fiction
Keeler, Elizabeth Non-Fiction
Kelley, Kevin W. 1948 - Bolinas Non-Fiction
Kelly, Isabel Truesdell 1906 - Non-Fiction
Kennard, Charles 1952 - San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Kentfield, Calvin 1924 - 1975 Sausalito Fiction, Non-Fiction
Keon, Joseph Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Kerouac, Jack 1922 - 1969 Marin City Fiction
Kerr, Helen B. 1912? - 1991 Non-Fiction
Kesey, Ken Larkspur Fiction
Kesten, Deborah 1948 - Sausalito Non-Fiction
Kettmann, Susan 1947 - Sausalito Non-Fiction
Kewin, Thomas Non-Fiction
Kildow, Betty A. Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Kilkenny, Shannon 1955 - Bolinas Non-Fiction
Kim, Elizabeth Non-Fiction
Kim, Ronyoung Tiburon Fiction
Kleinman, Kathryn San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Kline, Donna Staley Tiburon Non-Fiction
Kornfeld, Anita Clay Fiction
Kornfeld, Jack 1945 - Woodacre Non-Fiction
Kosh, Davina San Rafael Non-Fiction
Krantzler, Mel San Rafael Non-Fiction
Kraus, Laurence G. 1918 - Belvedere Non-Fiction
Kriegel, Marilyn Harris Muir Beach Non-Fiction
Kriegel, Robert J. Non-Fiction
Kudler, David San Rafael Fiction
Kudler, Jacqueline 1935 - Sausalito Non-Fiction
Kyger, Joanne 1934 - Bolinas Non-Fiction