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McKinlay, Jenn

From the New York Times bestselling author... It may be summertime, but sales at Fairy Tale Cupcakes are below zero--and owners Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura are willing to try anything to heat things up. So when local legend Slim Hazard offers them the chance to sell cupcakes at the annual Juniper Pass rodeo, they're determined to rope in a pretty payday! But not everyone at the Juniper Pass is as sweet for Fairy Tale Cupcakes as Slim--...

McKevett, G. A.

McKevett combines the world of private investigators with first-rate delectable cozy mysteries to make any foodie's mouth water in her acclaimed series starring Savannah Reid--a plus-sized sleuth in the world of cozies. She wants a break for her honeymoon--but a killer has other plans.

Mayle, Peter

Lovable rogue and sleuth extraordinaire Sam Levitt is back in another beguiling, as-only-Peter-Mayle-can-write-it romp through the South of France. At the end of The Vintage Caper, Sam had just carried off a staggering feat of derring-do in the heart of Bordeaux, infiltrating the ranks of the French elite to rescue a stolen, priceless wine collection. With the questionable legality of the adventure--and the threat of some very powerful...

Hyzy, Julie

With a new First Family, White House executive chef Olivia Paras can't afford to make any mistakes. But when a box of take-out chicken mysteriously shows up for the First Kids, she soon finds herself in a "no-wing" situation. After Olivia refuses to serve the chicken, the First Lady gives her the cold shoulder. But when it turns out to be poisoned poultry, Olivia realizes the kids are true targets.

Hart, Ellen

DeAndre Moore came to Minneapolis from St. Louis with a purpose, but things aren't going as he planned. When it becomes clear he's in way over his head, DeAndre can think of only one person to call for help - his Uncle Nolan's business partner, newly licensed private investigator Jane Lawless. However, by the time Jane listens to his voice mail, she's hearing a voice from beyond the grave - DeAndre left the message only minutes before he was...

Coyle, Cleo

The Village Blend's Muffin Muse coffee truck is all the rage. But a fatal hit-and-run, followed by a mysterious death, gives a clue that something bitter is brewing. Then the owner opens a bag of imported coffee beans and finds 10 pounds of rocks--the kind that earn a jail sentence.

Conant, Susan, Conant-Park, Jessica

This Gourmet Girl has to take the heat-because she just can't get away from the kitchen. Chloe Carter desperately needs a job, so she takes one assisting a cookbook writer. Unfortunately it stirs up painful memories of her ex- boyfriend Josh, who left her for Hawaii. While compiling a book of recipes from Boston's top chefs, she comes in contact with one of Josh's friends, Digger. Chloe manages to stay cool until later she finds Digger's...

Childs, Laura

In the latest novel from the "New York Times"-bestselling author of "The Agony of the Leaves," Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning may always be a bridesmaid, never a bride. However, this groom is never going to make it to the altar.

Cavender, Chris

Pizza, murder, and deeply buried Southern secrets are served in this fifth slice of Cavender's A Slice of Delight pizzeria mystery series.

Carl, JoAnna

As much as the chocolate concoctions at TenHuis can tantalize people's tongues, Lee's newest hire is more likely to make them wag. Even though Lee's new alibi is airtight, the gossips still point fingers at her for her husband's death. Then the chief gossip is found dead with her on the scene.