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The first Thursday of every month 6th - 12th graders turn in reviews from Advance Reader copies of books they took from the last meeting. Interested in participating? Contact Carla A. the teen librarian at the Novato Library, or 415 - 473 - 2050.

Teen Reviews from 9/12 and 10/12


School For Good and Evil by Soman Chainani ****

By the cover art you would think this book is for young middle schoolers but as a high schooler I thoroughly enjoyed this book where stereotypes weren't fulfilled in the end. I wish that the author had split the time in between the two point of views more evenly. I most thouroughly enjoyed how the characters were portrayed and how the author accurately captured the stereotypes of them. I appreciated the lesson that a smile can transform you.

-Teen Reviewer Book Luver


The Midnight Dress by Karen Foxlee ***

I personally found this book intriguing,it was different from a lot of books because it has the end of the story dispersed within the rest of the book.I also thought that the fact that it was narrated by someone other than a character was a nice change. The storyline was very unique,and the characters all had extremely different personalities.One thing  that was not so great was that it was really tragic,which is not something I really enjoy in a book.

- Teen Reviewer K

Kristin Clark's "Freakboy" is written in a similar verse style to the popular books by Ellen Hopkins.  Clark's novel is centered around teenager Brendan Chase, who from the outside, appears to have it all. But on the inside, he is struggling to come to terms with his 'unusual' desires to have long hair and a female body, and questioning his relationship with his girlfriend Vanessa. The story alternates perspectives between Brendan, who is fighting to understand his sexuality, Vanessa, who is fighting to keep her and Brendan's relationship alive, and Angel, who helps those struggling to accept their transsexual identity. Though some parts are a little slow, this book is a decent read.
- Teen Reviewer Raider Penguin
Reality Boy by A.S. King is a humorous, honest, and one of a kind read! Gerald Faust's childhood was turned into a T.V. show that portrayed him in a horrible light. Now as a high schooler, he is a complete outcast and still gets made fun of for his old habits. He also is struggling with anger issues and an unstable family life. Everyone around him is waiting for Gerald to snap, but with a new friendship and possibilities, he is determined to make some changes in his life. This novel is unlike any other and is recommended for anyone who has ever felt left out, or just needs a laugh.
- Teen Reviewer Raider Penguin

Living With Jackie Chan  by Jo Knowles***

Notes From Ghost Town- A good murder mystery. I like how the romance aspect didnt have a happily ever after, but touched down on real aspects of life. I did not like how a second possible romance began in a sterotypical movie fashion, someone gets paid or daredd to go out with the other. I'd read it if it catches your eye and if it's your type of book

- Teen Reviewer Emily Star

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion **

Unfortunately I was a little disappointed in this one. The plot seemed really charming and interesting, but it is a pretty slow read and from the perspective of a pretty odd character so sometimes reading the book is a little frustrating to read. It had some cute moments though, but mostly it was pretty boring in my opinion

-Teen Reviewer Emily Star


The Dream Theives by Maggie Stiefvater ****

Contains spoilers:  I liked how this book  focused on one of the more mysterious characters from book 1 The Raven Boys. But I didn't like how parts of this mysterious character brought  amounts of booze and drugs from his dreams. One of the drugs was a very clever ingredient to a problem but created a side battle that i thought to be fluff (a.k.a filler) and not needed. It finally peeled enough layers back to begin to show the true romance alluded to in book 1 and stopped teasing the pre-romance. I wish the book had focused just a little more to that romance because a clue of that romance was what drew me into the series and I was left feeling a little bit disatisfied.

-Teen Reviewer Book Luver


Reboot by Amy Tintera ***

Amy Tintera's "Reboot" falls into the dystopian genre and is a must for fans of "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent" series. Seventeen year old Wren Connolly comes back to life as a Reboot, and is the deadliest, least human, and most powerful creature in her town. She is given an order to eliminate one of the Reboots who isn't measuring up to the program standards, but Wren finds herself giving anything to save his life. The novel's only downfall is a few confusing parts, but overall it proves to be a good read full of action, adventure, and romance.

- Teen Reviewer Radier Penguin




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Posted by: Carla A.

Carla is a teen librarian at the Novato Library.

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