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Hello, your local neighborhood scambuster is at it again. Being a computer guy I usually can spot a scam on the internet pretty easily. That being said, I too get fooled from time to time. It's usually when I'm not paying attention and just clicking through stuff. The less trained eye is susceptible to these sort of scams and understandably so. So here are a few that almost caught me recently.

Update your movie player:

Scam Flash Player Update

This scam tries to emulate a Adobe Flash Player upgrade. It looks a lot like the real deal. Don't install anything that looks like this. This is what the real update looks like:

Real Flash Upgrade

Facebook Red:

This is a scam promising you to turn your Facebook from blue to red. It's a scam. If one of your friends posts it on your timeline, ignore it. They fell for the scam. If you're feeling like a good Samaritan you might want to let them know that it's a scam. Here is what it looks like:

Facebook Red Scam

It may or may not look exactly like this. Just know that unless Mark Zuckerberg comes out and says he's letting people change the color of Facebook, that it's probably a scam. This also goes for anything that tells you to press a letter or click on such and such and watch what happens.

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Posted by: Etienne Douglas

Etienne is the Webstar Coordinator/Community Library Specialist at the Marin City Library.

This is an official blog for the Marin County Free Library.

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