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I am not sure what it is about cars that have been “chopped” and “Von Dutched” but whenever I see one I can’t help but stop to check them out! A couple of weekends ago during Sunday Streets in San Francisco I happened a block of Harrison ST where many artisans of kustom kulture were displaying their awesome cars.  One thing I noticed was that these vehicles appealed to all walks of life, Silicon Valley yuppies, Mission Hipsters, Grand Mothers with their grand children in strollers, pretty much anyone who was walking the block was excited to check out these cool cars.

I was exposed to Kustom Kulture  when I first moved to San Francisco in 1991. I lived (and still do) in the Mission District. In those days it was not unusual to see kids riding around on low rider bicycles. Some of my new friends exposed me to Big Daddy Roth aka Rat Fink, and Von Dutch (not the clothing brand).  I also met a few people in my neighborhood who chopped and painted (with copious amounts of metal flake) cars. These days it is pretty rare to see someone on a low rider bicycle in my neighborhood but on an occasional Sunday you might still luck out and see an impromptu parade of kool cars like the ones in the photos below.




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Posted by: Carla A.

Carla is a teen librarian at the Novato Library.

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