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On October 13, the Civic Center Library will have been open for 50 years!  As part of our anniversary celebration, we would like to make a display of photos of the Civic Center Library from the time it opened in 1962 up to the present.  We are hoping that members of our community might be willing to share some of the pictures they have of the library, so that we can have more varied display.

You can drop off your photos at the Library Reference desk anytime we are open.  We will scan the photos and with your permission may use them as part of our anniversary display, post them to the Marin County Free Library website or the library’s Flickr account, and keep them in our archives.

Or you can email your images to

Please contact the Library Reference desk if you have any questions at 415-473-6058.


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Posted by: Linda

Linda works as a librarian at the Civic Center Library.

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