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Are you wondering what you have missed so far this long, hot summer?

Maybe you have forgotten the simple pleasure of a tomato sandwich. No, not a BLT, but its savvy sister, the oh so ripe, slices of heirloom (or home-grown) tomato.  First, slather a layer of your favorite mayonnaise or olive oil onto a slice of the best bread you can find.  At this point, slice that juicy tomato at least three times. Sprinkle with sea salt, hold with both hands …and take a bite. The taste of summer is there, in your hands and on your taste buds. Does it take you back to other summer days? When you were a child maybe or last year when you had your own successful crop of these beauties?

We can offer at least 16 books about growing your own tomatoes, so come in and take a look. You can plan for next year, or just enjoy the fruits of another‘s labor at the Farmer’s Market.  We can help you with this important part of the year, after the spring plantings, and the harvest of fall.  To me, the tomato is the queen of the summer crop, and one that you can also experience when you are on vacation in another state.

See if you agree.

 A Book, a Map and a Plate


Nancy Rapp, Novato Library

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Posted by: Nancy R.

Nancy works at the Novato Library.

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Yummm.  One of my summer

Yummm.  One of my summer favorites too!  Think I'll go make one now!

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