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Mango Languages announced today that you can now use their Religious and Scholarly Language Collection to learn Koine Greek, Ancient Greek, Latin and Biblical Hebrew using their language learning program for free.

According to Mango Languages: "These courses focus on passages from historical books, poems and religious documents, providing insight into the cultures in which the languages were spoken.So whether you are are preparing for a trip to Rome, studying an ancient culture or trying to gain a deeper understanding of their religion, Mango Languages, in partnership with the Marin County Free Library, will help you start a conversation and keep it going."

Mango Languages also offers over 90 language courses, including "English For" courses for non-English speakers, a Mango Mobile app for language learning on the go and Little Pim, a language learning program for children ages 0-6 with 10 language courses.

All Mango Languages and Little Pim services are free.

Ready to start learning? Start here.

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Posted by: Amanda

Amanda is the Electronic Services Librarian for Marin County Free Library.

This is an official blog for the Marin County Free Library.

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