All branches of Marin County Free Library will be closed on Monday, May 30 for Memorial Day.

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It’s kitten season, and millions of adorable kittens are flooding animal shelters across the country.  At this time of the year it’s harder for shelters to find homes for their adult cats.  But there are many good reasons for adopting an older kitty.  Adult cats are calmer and less destructive than kittens.  They’re litter box trained, and have often had vaccinations.  They also adjust more quickly to new surroundings.  Finally, while kittens are growing and changing every day, you know what you’re getting when you adopt an older cat.  Before you bring your new cat home, however, read some suggestions from the ASPCA.  Also, check out some books from your local library.  To find general information about cats choose the subject heading Cats. To learn how cats behave, look under Cats Behavior.  Finally, if you want to try training your new kitty, you’ll find good books under the subject heading Cats Training.



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Posted by: Tami

Tami is a librarian at the Corte Madera Library.

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