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Pennypacker & Pennypacker: The High Sierras--Photography Exhibit  Feb. 2012

February, 2012 at the Fairfax Library--Come see the beautiful photography exhibit of the High Sierras taken by father/daughter team of Peter and Anne Pennypacker. Anne and Peter started hiking in the High Sierras in 1998, with packer Willard Wyman. As they witnessed the beauty of the the trails, lakes and wilderness, Anne and Peter used the wonders of photography to capture their experiences. Their scenic photos take you into their world, where transport is by burro, lakes reflect the stunning beauty of the mountains, and entertainment happens around a campfire. Viewing this lovely photography exhibit allows you to take in a deep breath of nature and offers a brief respite from our hectic modern world. What a gift.

From Anne's Artist's statement:

"I wanted to co-exibit with my father, as my first learning experience with photography was at age 15, and he trained me with a manual film Minolta camera on the first of many trips across California's Sierra Nevada. These trips gave me much time and ample space to explore the paths of the Sierras and learn many camera techniques. I love art, photography and nature and I feel less whole when I lose touch with any of those three elements."

From Peter's Artist's statement:

"To me the peace and the challenges nature offers are a deeply felt balance and rhythm. The stride of a footstep is like the ticking of a wonderful clock. The shuffling movement of the burros, the creaking of the panniers held tight by a diamond hitch, the heat, the dust, the sound of water and wind, the cold, the stars, the fire crackling, the embers, the routine. Here and now. Here and always."

Please come have a look—we’d love to see you! Get some art into your life!

Note: The Fairfax meeting room is open to the public during regular library hours. Please check out the Fairfax branch page/Calendar events for times when the room may be in use.

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