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The Oracle of Stamboul (book jacket)

Libraries across Marin County invite the entire Marin Community to read and discuss one book each year.  The goal of One Book One Marin is to build a stronger, enriched community through the library, community dialogue, and the exploration of literature and culture.

Anyone can participate-- pick up a copy of The Oracle of Stamboul, this year's selection, at your local library or bookstore and get reading!

Starting with the kick-off celebration on February 2 at 7pm at Book Passage in Corte Madera, there will be programs and events, including book discussions, cooking demonstrations, and music performances at locations throughout the county.  Check out the One Book One Marin site for details. 


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Posted by: Julie Magnus

Julie Magnus is the branch manager of the Corte Madera and Marin City Libraries.

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Hello everyone.

I'm newbie and a new user in this forum, but I hope to help and be helped by others. :)

The Oracle of Stamboul

I received a Kindle Fire as a gift in December - and visited the Overdrive section of the Library books.  The Oracle of Stamboul was available for the Kindle - so I checked it out (not knowing that it was the selection for One Book, One Marin.  I really enjoyed this book - the story, the descriptive details of Istanbul, the characters - especially, Eleanora; and the writing style.  I look forward to the discussions and some of the events that will be held here in Marin.  I have been fortunate to visit Istanbul so the combination of a wonderful story and my own experience, made for a rich  and vivid world.

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