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This may be your lucky day!  Just arrived at the library is a new collection of popular, in-demand books, which will include additional copies of best-sellers and titles with waiting lists.  These "Lucky Day" titles will be available on a first come, first served, basis, and will have an initial loan period of seven days.

Check out your local branch to see if today is your lucky day!

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Posted by: Julie Magnus

Julie Magnus is the branch manager of the Corte Madera and Marin City Libraries.

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Renewals--Lucky Day book

Can you really renew a Lucky Day book?  I would have thought the Lucky Day book was 7 day only with no renewals allowed.  You aren't allowed to reserve the Lucky Day book ( 7 day copy) so why is it renewable?  You can normally do 2 renewals so you could keep the Lucky day book for 21 days if the renewal period is 7 days, a total of 35 days if the renewal period is the standard 14 days.


I thought the concept behind the lucky day book was to open the access to popular-in-demand books to a rapid turnover so patrons don't have to wait forever on long reserve lists.

Renewing Lucky Day items

I agree with the poster, and I was also surprised to learn that these items can be renewed. It makes no sense. It defeats the main purpose of the Lucky Day feature.


How can I renew a Lucky Day book?


You can renew by logging into your account or with your local library.

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