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Kayla Thompson, teen producer and documentarian

We sat down with seventeen year old actor, producer, researcher, and documentarian Kayla Thompson to get a backstage look at the making of her latest short film, a profile on the Marin City Library.

Marin County Free Library: So, Kayla, how long did it take you to make this film?
Kayla Thompson: FOREVVERRRR! Yeah, way too long.

MCFL: What were the best and worst aspects of the process?
KT: The worst thing was probably making it.  (Laughs) And the best--filming it. I liked filming it. And hearing the stories.

MCFL: Any advice for the aspiring documentarian?
KT: DON'T use PowerDirector. If you have the money, use a Mac. Get Adobe, we're actually trying to get Adobe Premiere. But try to use a more advanced video editing software. My low point was actually using PowerDirector. I was editing all day, and it just disappeared! It froze and I lost it all. But then it came back.

Kayla editing her video-time to upgrade.

Kayla editing her video on a 2005 Windows PC using PowerDirector [Dramatic Recreation]

MCFL: Did anything surprise you in the research process?
KT: This library is young. It started in like 1997 [KT was born in 1994]. I didn't know that. And there are a lot of people who come here [Find out how many here]. It doesn't seem like it, when you work here all day. But there are a lot of people who come to the library.
MCFL: Anything else you want to share with your audience?
KT: Come to the library!

Ms. Thompson is currently a senior at Tam High and is also the senior most Marin WebStar. The WebStars is a youth arts, technology, and community service program headquartered in the Marin City Library. The program trains young people as technology ambassadors. The WebStars serve the Bay Area, offering tutoring and troubleshooting with:

  • Email, word processing, and basic hardware/software maintenance
  • Social media, blogging, and photo sharing
  • Webpage design, photo editing, and animation

In addition to one-on-one tech help, the WebStars partner with organizations to create original digital projects. To learn more about the Marin WebStars program or to make a donation toward the purchase of Adobe Premiere Pro, visit
To sign up for one-on-one technology assistance, call the Marin City Library at 415-332-6159, email or request an appointment online.

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