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At last, it’s time for baseball again.  The  six month wait is over and we start fresh with a whole new season before us.  It could happen again, Giants fans!


As a baseball fan and a “word freak,” I was thinking about the many phrases originating in baseball that have entered our everyday language.  Can you think of others?


Three strikes and you’re out

Hit one out of the ballpark

Out in left field

Just a ballpark number

Batting a thousand

In the big leagues

 A brand new ballgame

Cover all the bases

Throw a curve

Take a swing at it

Down to the last out

Hit a grand slam

Play hardball

A heavy hitter


On deck

Pinch hit

Right off the bat

Step up to the plate

Touch base


Relive the Giants’ incredible 2010 season:


The San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series, a DVD of 8 discs containing every complete game from the 2010 Series.


Tales from the San Francisco Giants Dugout: a collection of the greatest Giants stories ever told, including the “impossible” 2010 Championship.


A Band of Misfits: tales of the 2010 San Francisco Giants. Title of the last chapter:  “Nailed It.” 


Freak  Season: behind the scenes with San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum from spring training to the World Series.



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Posted by: Nancy Davis

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