Farewell from Director Gail Haar

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Photot of Library Director, Gail Haar

As I retire from the Marin County Free Library I want to take the opportunity to thank the residents of Marin for your on-going support of our libraries. 

Your enthusiastic support of Measure A, your extensive volunteer commitment and your steadily increasing use of our branches make our libraries a very special part of their community. 

What our libraries do – keep ideas alive, facilitate access to those ideas, provide a safe space for nurturing ideas   - doesn’t change.   How our libraries look changes as our communities develop and change. Technology is changing libraries just as it is impacting the rest of our lives. 

Today’s library staff not only need to keep their own skills updated but need to teach our users how to update their skills and navigate new technology.  The world of a library user has been transformed from what is on the shelf of their local library to what is available in California, in the United States, in many countries across the globe.

 I’m extremely proud that MCFL staff is listening to our communities and translating their wants and needs into important programs and services.  We are using technology to make our behind the scenes processes more efficient and we are working hard to find ways  to free our staff to spend more time with our customers – you! 

I have the good fortune to be able to say that I don’t need to retire to have a chance to do meaningful work and give back to my community.  With your support I’ve been able to do that for 23 years with the Marin County Free Library.   Thank you.   

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